Garden Pond Fish

A garden pond isn’t complete without having fish. Fish play an important role in water gardening. Not only do they brighten up a pond, they also eat the mosquito larvae and any other small insect that may fall victim by flying into the pond. They will also feed from the bottom and keeps the water aerated thus having a balancing affect overall.
There are number of different aquarium fish that are suitable for garden ponds as long as they can adapt to the various temperatures. Depending on the size of a pond will determine which kind of fish is best.

Swordfish, Paradise Fish, Blue clouds, Gold Fish, Native Rainbow are just a few that are exceptional for small to medium ponds.

Large Gold fish, koi Fish, are large and colourful and attractive in a garden pond, but they can also be a little messy. These fish will also stir up the bottom of a pond, thus making it cloudy and more likely to have to use a filter and pump.

Koi fish, unfortunately for us Queenslanders they are illegal to keep in this state. Check your state to make sure you are able to keep them.