Here are some general frequently asked questions:

Having algae problems?
Have a read of this article: Common Algae Problems
Why doesn't my lilies flower?
Idealy waterlillies require 4-6 hours of full sunlight to flower. But there are some varieties of waterlilies & aquatic plants that will grow and flower in partial shade. Refer to our list of Shade Tolerant Aquatics.
My water lily is in full sun and doesn’t flower?
It may need feeding. Waterlilies are hungry feeders and need feeding at least every 6-8 weeks during the growing season.
What soil do I use to re pot my waterlilies and aquatic plants?
The best soil to use is a heavy loam or clay soil. (DO NOT USE POTTING MIX)
Why has my water lily died?
There could a number of reasons why a water lily has died. Is the pond in full shade? If your pond is in full shade, some waterlilies will not flower and there are chances that it will slowly deteriorate. Choose shade tolerant aquatics What is the Ph level of the pond? Check the Ph of the water. ( you can buy a Ph Tester from any Aquarium Shop) and check the Ph level. It should between 6 -8 Has the pond been treated with an Algaecide or any chemicals for any pests. These chemicals will slowly deteriorate the waterlily. And could eventually die.  
When are you open?
Suncoast Tropicals is a Production Nursery and WE ARE NOT OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC.. If you require a potted plant, please check and enquire about our product at your local Nursery, (from our stocklist list) otherwise you can purchase on-line and you will receive a Bare-Rooted plant.
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