Waterlilies Hardy’s and Tropicals

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Waterlilies Hardy’s and Tropicals


Waterlilies are such a unique feature for any water garden, with there fragrance, size and diversity in color.

A water garden can provide a place to retreat and unwind from the outside world. The sound of water trickling down a water fall and the frogs croaking or even just the stillness of the water alone, can provide a place of tranquillity and relaxation.

There are four main categories of Waterlilies, Hardy, Tropical, Miniature and Nocturnal.

peach glow   mangala

Hardy Peach Glow                                                         Hardy Mangkala Ubol

HARDY WATERLILY flowers float on top of the water and open for three days in succession, closing at night. The leaves are smaller and a lot more thicker than the Tropical varieties.

The Hybridization of many Hardy water lilies over the years are lasting longer through winter and also flowering earlier in the season than the old varieties of Hardy Waterlilies, they also are standing out of the water, more like a tropical. The colour range on the hardy waterlily is extensive-from white through to many different shades of pink, red, apricot and yellow. The Hardy waterlily is suitable for tropical and temperate climates.


star of siam    aGreenburg1

Tropical Star of Siam                                                   Tropical Albert Greenburg

TROPICAL WATERLILLIES will grow in varying depths of water according to variety, but most prefer warm waters above 15-30cm above the crown. Leaves can be up to a dinner plate size and larger, they attain a spread of between 1-5mts.

They are usually more decorative with speckling, streaking and marbling of the leaves. Tropical flowers are large and vividly colored.
The flowers are held on the stems above the water from 15-35cm in height. The colors range from white, many shades of pink, magenta, apricot, yellow and shades of blue and purple and most are heavily fragrant. The tropical waterlily is mostly suited to the sub tropical to tropical regions, but there are some varieties of tropical waterlilies that will grow in the southern states.

hardy waterlily    colorata

Hardy Perrys Baby Red                                              Tropical miniature Colorata

MINIATURE WATERLILLIES are mostly Hardy varieties. The only tropical miniature is the blue Colorata. Colours range from white, yellows, apricot, shades of pink and reds. Perfect for containers for balcony’s and small ponds.


nocturnal waterlily    Antares

Nocturnal Woods White Night                                         Nocturnal Antares

NOCTURNAL WATERLILIES have large serrated thick leaves, others have smaller leaves like the Tropical nocturnal tiger Lotus used mostly in aquariums. Colours range from vivid florescent dark pink to red to brilliant white. Some come in shades of pink. The flower opens at dusk and stays open until the next morning until about mid morning. These waterlilies are perfect for people that work through the day and come home and enjoy the tranquilly of there waterlilies.