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Tropical waterlilies will flower continuously from October to May, depending on weather conditions. In ground plants may spot flower during winter. They will grow in varying depths of water according to variety, but most prefer warm waters above 15-30cm above the crown.

Leaves can be upto a dinner plate size and larger, they attain a spread of between 1-5mts. The leaves are usually more decorative than Hardys e.g spreckling, streaking and marbling.

Tropical flowers are large and vividly coloured. The flowers are held on the stems above the water from 15-35cm in height. The colours range from white, many shades of pink, magenta, apricot, yellow and shades of blue and purple.


Waterlilies become dormant between the months from May to August in sub tropical and temperate areas.

All our Waterlilies are supplied and posted bare rooted.