Native Australian Tropical waterlilies

Native australian

This Native Australian Tropical waterlily belongs to the family of subs. Anecphya. These magnificent water lilies vary in sizes and colors. They are often mistaken for the Imported Egyptian Nymphaea Caerulea also known as the Blue Lotus, which is seen in many waterways across Queensland and NSW. Some people assume that they are our Australian Native, but they are not…

Most of the Australian Native Waterlilies have disappeared over the years in around Southern Queensland and NSW. We believe that the Nymphaea Careulea has taken over the Gigantea in many areas. Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens in Brisbane have had the Nymphaea Gigantea re appear again after a massive cleanout of there ponds where the Nymphaea Cearulea once took over. Once the pond was cleaned the Nymphaea Gigantea reappeared again. It is believed that they can stay dormant for many years until disturbed.

Australian Native - Gigantea
GIGANTEA – Australian Native
Australian Native - Immutibilies
IMMUTIBILIES – Australian Native
Australian Native - Violacea
VIOLACEA – Australian Native

The Australian Native has distinctive larger and bushier stamens and is a larger flower, compared to the NYMPHAEA CAERULEA Pictured below.

Australian Native - Nymphaea Caerulea