How To Obtain a Natural Pond Balance

Getting the balance for a natural pond can be difficult and there are a lot of factors to consider.

The recommendation for each square metre of surface area:

  • Two bunches of oxygenating plants

These help in maintaining water clarity, and reducing the proliferation of green algae.

  • One medium to large water lily

These help to provide surface coverage preventing evaporation and for the fish to hide.

  • Two fish – Gold Fish or Native Rainbow

These control pests such as aphids, flies and mosquito larvae and other insects..

  • One bog plant or small marginal plant (per two square metres)

These help to consume excess pond nitrogen and phosphates.

  • Do not feed fish in the pond.

Fish are algae larvae eaters and by feeding them you are adding more nutrients into your pond that will make algae grow.

Please Note: This is a guide only. For larger ponds the capacity of plants would be much less per square metre. We recommend not to overcrowd a pond if starting from scratch. Start off with only a few plants in your pond and then decide how many more is needed.